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Fitsom posture focused massage! Get better muscular endurance, heightened internal body awareness
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Posture Focused Massage

Getting the Massage and practicing SMR on a regular basis will give you better muscular endurance, heightened internal body awareness, a more fluid range of motion, and relief from soreness and muscle tension. The only problem is, that the body is complex and unique to each individual. At Fitsom, we will show you which muscles are important to release for your body, and which techniques work best to achieve a successful release.

Benefits of Massage

  • Increase body awareness
  • Increase mobility
  • Decrease muscle tension
  • Decrease joint pain
  • Relieve stress
  • Alleviate back pain
  • Headache relief
  • Decrease muscular pain
  • Increased circulation

Fitsom Massage Services

  • Fitsom 60 Minute Massage | $75
  • Fitsom 90 Minute Massage | $105
  • Fitsom 4 Pack – 90 Minute Massage | $420
  • Fitsom 6 Series – 60 Minute Massages | $420
  • Fitsom 12 Series – 60 Minute Massages | $840
  • Non-members are welcome to purchase massages

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