Fitsom Foundations Program Requirement

All new members are required go through our Fitsom Foundations program before starting group classes. Fitsom Foundations, involves 12 initial sessions completed in a month. This program has been designed so that you can successfully meet your fitness goals. This ensures that your body will be in the proper condition to perform movements effectively and prevent injury.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in the Fitsom Foundation classes:

    • Basic movement patterns
    • Proper muscle activation
    • Correct body form
    • Mobility drills
    • Recovery and Rehabilitation techniques
    • Breathing methods
    • Myofascial Release


Small Group Classes

We offer four types of group classes:

  1. Fitsom Foundations
  2. Strength and conditioning
  3. Metabolic
  4. Self Care Class (Self Myofasical Release +Breathing)

Our focus is small group training – classes are capped at 12 participants. The small group dynamics offered at Fitsom increase the personal attention you receive from our certified trainers. Smaller class sizes also make it easier for workouts to be adjusted to your current fitness level. As your fitness abilities progress, more advanced exercises will be incorporated into your classes. At Fitsom, you don’t need to worry about being intimidated by participants who have been in the program for a long time; everyone is supportive of each other’s fitness goals. We love celebrating each member’s successes!



Tuition Options:

Fitsom Foundations (Phase 1) $150
2 Weekly Classes @ $105/month
3 Weekly Classes @ $135/month
Unlimited Classes @ $155/month
Couples Unlimited Classes @ $280/month
* No long term contracts

Class Descriptions:

Metabolic Burn / Cardio

Looking to get your heart pumping and put your body in an optimal fat burning stage? Then Metabolic Burn is calling your name. Incorporating timed intervals, this high-paced class is designed to burn fat and tone muscle. That’s because interval training burns more calories during and even after a workout than an even-paced cardio session. The exercises performed in this class will also help mobilize major joints, resulting in better posture and weight distribution. Perfect after a long day in the office when you have pent up stress.

Strength & Conditioning

This Strength and Conditioning class will create toned muscles, while at the same time increasing your endurance. The isometric and dynamic movements in this class result in full-range of motion in all major movement patterns. Get ready to finally touch your toes without stressing your back or hamstring muscles. Your core will be tighter and your muscles will be stronger and well defined. This class is crucial not only to your overall fitness goals, but to preventing future injuries. Research has shown that strength and conditioning programs are the foundation of long-term athletic development.

Self-Care (SMR)

Massage therapy is an essential practice for overall bodily health and pain management. When done properly, massage can actually help you move more efficiently, decrease post-workout recovery time, and provide pain relief. Coupled with its restorative mental health benefits, massage therapy in an integral part of your new fitness program. Fitsom’s Self-Care class is designed to teach proper massage techniques to relieve your pains and tensions without having depend on someone else. Our goal is for you to be in full control of how well you move and feel. Sign up for a free class here.

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Please email us if you would like to know more about our Group classes, Individual sessions, Massage etc. We are always here to help you!