Our group class setting is very intimate with each class capping out at 12 participants. This environment allows for relationship building as well as personal attention from our certified trainers to the detail of the participants’ movements throughout the class. Everyone at Fitsom is on their own journey. The supportive, friendly attitude of the clients and all of our trainers will banish any fears or worries you may have. Every client’s success is celebrated at every step of the way!

Self Care

Wishing you could move around without pain or tension in your daily life? This educational class will empower you to fix yourself. Utilizing the healing practice of deep tissue massage, Self Care will teach you the self myofascial release (SMR) and breathing mechanics essential for your overall mental and physical wellbeing. Self massage, when used correctly, will allow you to move more efficiently, decrease post-workout recovery time, and provide natural pain relief. Due to its massive systemic benefits, SMR is the basis of every Self Care class and is an integral part of the Fitsom process. Come discover the power of your body and mind!


(Technique or Interval style classes)

Come learn the Fitsom basics in this 60 minute class designed for developing proficiency and comprehension. This class is the perfect starting point for someone interested in movement who is new to the game, an existing member who has questions, or who just wants to slow things down to master the form. Be prepared to still sweat it out! The movements taught in this class are designed to build aptitude and confidence in performing functional movements such as lunging, squatting, hinging, rowing, punching and rotating. Our goal is for you to always be making progress, so come ready to challenge yourself.


(All Levels & Advanced Level)

Research has shown that programs which teach strength building and muscle toning movements are the foundation of long-term athletic development. This class provides a firey workout without the strains and pains of an intense lifting session. In 60 minutes you will build up your power through simultaneously toning muscles and increasing endurance. Isometric, dynamic movements result in full-range of motion in all fundamental movement patterns. You’ll start slow and advance in speed and precision from there. You’ll gain full control of your body in this class!


(All Levels & Advanced Level)

Looking to get your heart pumping and achieve fat burning heaven? Then Interval is calling your name. Implementing timed intervals, this high-paced class is designed to challenge your muscles and strengthen your cardiovascular system while mobilizing joints and improving your posture. Since interval training allows for continual calorie burning post workout, you can look forward to reaping the benefits of this class long after the hour. Join in on the fun and let us push you to your max!



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