January 9, 2015 Binu Jess

Massage Therapy with Zak Kwiker

With all the greatness happening here at Fitsom Studios, it only makes sense that we would have a talented massage therapist join the team! Zak Kwiker helps our clients understand the dysfunctions of their body and just how to fix them. He starts by having you stand relaxed as you normally would and then begins to examine how your hips line up over your feet and how your ears rest over your shoulders. After a few other evaluations and listening to your own input, he will tell you what he believes to be the cause of your less than perfect posture.

A couple days ago I had an appointment with Zak for a much needed massage. I think it gets to a point where everything in my body is just so bound up that doing myofascial release on myself can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s better to just have someone else give you some relief. This is not like any regular massage, it can be a bit painful but it is the kind of pain that actually ends up feeling really good! Meeting with Zak is also a nice way to ‘check in’ with how my body is doing and learning what things I need to work on. As a runner, I have always struggled with knee pain. Going in to the appointment, I already knew that was one thing I wanted to focus on. Zak helped me by releasing my calves, hamstrings, and adductors. He also got into my tensor fasciae latae (TFL) and piriformis muscles. Oh man, I was starting to feel right again. He also made sure to give me some homework on which muscles I need to continue working on if I want to maintain my renewed self.

My favorite part about the massage therapy at Fitsom Studios was just how knowledgeable Zak is about human body anatomy and how he uses that to give you a thorough explanation about what is really going on. He provides visualizations with his own hand drawn anatomical figures to help you get a sense of credibility and understanding. Most people have a general understanding of the structure of the human body; calves refer to the lower leg, biceps refer to the upper arm, but did you know that the gastrocnemius (a large calf muscle) has two heads? Or that the  biceps on your arms aren’t the only biceps in your body? It may seem trivial, but knowing a few tidbits about anatomy can really help you better understand where your aches and pains are coming from and what you need to be working on. I recommend every one make an appointment with Zak Kwiker. He’s a great massage therapist who really knows his stuff!

Paying attention to your body is something you really can’t spend enough time on. If you are interested in getting some help with release and realigning your body, you can set up an appointment with Zak at (916) 712-5235 or come check us out at the studio at 2512 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95823. We’d love to see you!

– Summer Arrellano