Fitsom Foundations


New students that are ready to take control of their own bodies and commit to a Fit State of Mind will enroll in our Foundations Course. At the heart of the Fitsom process is this trademark course. Our Foundations trainer, Charlie Black, will teach you a vast array of mechanical techniques that you will need to succeed on your path to greater physical, mental and nervous system health. Fitsom Foundations is a two month program which we break down into Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 1

 This phase covers the discipline of self care through breathing, self deep tissue massage, mobility and the development of body awareness. These skills will allow you to manage and overcome any current limitations while preventing future injury. The goal here is to reduce the risk of any potential setbacks. You will also learn proper form and standard movement patterns found in the primary movements of all our group exercise classes.

Phase 2

In month two, you will be reprogramming your body’s structural ‘normal’ and improving your ability to move with intent and power. This class is designed to build upon the primary movements that you mastered in phase one by teaching exercises in progressive steps. First, we work with you to slow down the movements; then we speed them up once you have begun to develop awareness of proper alignment. Upon completion, exercises are able to be performed with precision and confidence.


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