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Fitsom is designed to produce a more balanced body and a stronger connection between your physical self and mind.

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Life is stressful. Chalked full of injuries, traumatic events, the grind of daily life. It takes a toll on your body. Fitsom Studios has a fresh, intuitive take on your overall health and how to overcome what ails you. Think group fitness classes, yoga, and physical therapy wrapped all into one. That’s Fitsom. Whether you’re looking for help battling a chronic injury, to lose weight, or maybe you’re just interested in a little self-love and self-care. We got your back, shoulders and hips!


Do you have lower back or shoulder pain?


How to Get Started

It's easy to get started with Fitsom. We've put together this guide to help you!


At the heart of the Fitsom program is our Foundations class. You won’t find this class at any other fitness facility. Our trademark Foundation class…


The second phase in your journey is all about reprogramming your body’s structure and ability to move with intent and power. This class is designed to…


After 8 weeks of preparation in our Foundations class which involved opening the body, getting the stiffness out, re-learning to stand up straight…


Why We Do It

Fitsom is designed to produce a more balanced body and a stronger connection between your physical self and mind. Our Fitsom certified trainers are dedicated to understanding the latest research on the body’s muscular and nervous systems. Although this is a complex task, we break it down step-by-step for you in our specially crafted programs.
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Group Classes

Total body fitness through functional training

Self Myofascial Release

Relieve muscle tension and pain

Individual Sessions

Get one-on-one training time


Brain based training system to optimize the body



Posture focused massage

Nutrition Programs

Healthy eating for better results


Fitsom Gallery

Top facility with leading equipment. Functional Fitness Training Gym Fitsom studio at a glance.

  • Fitsom workouts focus on functional movements and emphasize self myofascial release, which I did not realize was so important until I started working out here. I felt my posture and form improve tremendously.

    Christine D. via Yelp
  • Even though training is in a group setting, they are on their toes constantly monitoring everyone to make sure proper form is practiced. I swear they’ve got eyes on the back of their heads.

    Will C. via Yelp
  • These people are completely committed to you and your health. They are intelligent, educated, and continually learning. They bring their unique philosophy and approach to you, and they teach you.

    Jered M. via Yelp
  • After doing classes for a few months, I can honestly say my joints feel much better. My range of motion has increased back to where it was 10 years ago. I just feel great overall.

    Elizabeth J. via Yelp
  • I started to believe that my body mechanics and anatomy was not built for mobility. Since I’ve started at Fitsom, I have improved my mobility far more than I could have ever imagined.

    David K. via Yelp
  • Their whole body/person philosophy and approach is spot on. Start by identifying and healing issues, then build foundation carefully, and then move on to advanced strength.

    Jason W. via Yelp
  • The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and they strive to help you with your goals. You will definitely see results with all your hard work. I highly recommend Fitsom Studios!

    Jessica C. via Yelp
  • The classes are small enough to get individualized attention and motivation from the trainers, with a high energy that still allows you to work to your fitness and comfort level.

    Mark M. via Yelp
  • I can’t say enough good things about this gym! There is so much positive energy you can’t help but enjoy the workouts, even though they are always super challenging.

    Rosie P. via Yelp

Online Courses

Learn the most efficient and effective self-care system ever created with fitsom. We have put together our first online courses and our flexible online courses are the perfect place to start.


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