March 5, 2015 Binu Jess

Patiently Awaiting Your Goals

Hold your Horses!

A lot of times we ask too much of ourselves and wind up getting overwhelmed. I’ve seen many people give up because they feel like it’s too hard, or nothing is going to change, or they don’t even know where to begin.  For me, I always have many goals for myself whether that involves my education, health, fitness, work, habits, or relationships; I always have something on my mind that I need to work on. Goals can be big or small and often, we have more than one that we really want to focus on.

A few things I’ve learned in my twenty years of life are that everything takes time and you really can’t do things until you’re ready. Often, we ask so much of ourselves and we want the results now, we want things to happen now, now, now, especially with the new age we’re in where you can get things right now. More and more things happen instantaneously. If you want to buy a cool shirt or some new shoes you can just go on the internet and buy them as soon as you want without dealing with all the fuss of going to the store and they can be at your door within a few days. You instantly feel good and you know that Santa is on his way with the newest pair of New Balance minimalist running shoes. You go on Instagram or Facebook to post a picture that you want other people to see and from that you get instant gratification. You hold all the answers to the world in the palm of your hand and can reach them within a few seconds.

All those things are fine however, they are products of technology and last time I checked, none of us have a circuit board strapped to the back of our heads that can simply be rewired to do whatever it is we want. Human beings are dynamic creatures who require time for growth and development. So one thing I want to remind you all of is to be patient with yourself, be patient with your goals, be patient with your own evolution. Beautiful things happen with time and patience, that might mean a week, two months, a year or even more, just keep going and you will see the changes you need.

You Must Be the One to Initiate Change

From personal experience, I have changed a lot especially since I moved out here from my home town of Fresno. If you knew me back then you know that I’m a completely different person from who I use to be and that was just three years ago. I remember when I first came up with those goals of losing weight, getting into shape, eating better, focusing on my education, and figuring out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, all those things seemed so far out of reach. But I was determined to get there and I believed that all of those things would happen for me and you know what, they did. Some of them are still works in progress but I am definitely a long way from home.

Patience Young Grasshopper

So what I want you all to take from this is that you need to be patient with yourself. Understand that you will have setbacks here and there, you will fill like nothing is working and you should just give up, you may feel like a goal is too far out of reach for you but I am telling you, you’ve got to just go for it! Nothing is going to change unless you initiate change. Your life is in your hands and I believe that absolutely anyone can do whatever they set out to do. I hope you all have things you’re working on, we’ve all got something to polish up, big or small, just go for it and don’t be afraid that you aren’t seeing a difference right away. Make sure you come to our Fitsom Flex classes to get in some positive reinforcement and meditation. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

-Summer Arrellano