Fitness Background

Katelyn believes in an alternative approach to wellness that encompasses the body and mind. Katelyn’s mission is to educate clients on lifestyle changes and learn to embrace their health, success and happiness on every level.

Why Fitsom?

When people walk through the door, I know they are in the very best of hands. And I am so proud of that.

Favorite Exercise

Planks on planks on planks. You never know when you are going to have to drop down and plank it out.

Biggest Physical Accomplishment

Completing a marathon in the pouring down rain!

Favorite Food

What can I say, I am a foodie! Right now, my guilty pleasure is Suzie’s cheeseburger and a Ginger Elizabeth Salted Caramel ice cream sandwich. If you haven’t tried either of these, be prepared to order two of each.

Music To Move To

Anything Kanye West

Do For Fun

Doing projects at the studio on the weekends, doing yoga, running at Curtis park and playing with our dogs Achilles and snow.

Fitness Advice

Commit to yourself. Commit to our community and I promise you, you won’t look back.

Favorite Quote

“What you seek is seeking you.”

– Rumi

Three Words To Describe Your Teaching Style

Energetic, Real, Challenging