Fitsom Specialist

Fitness Background

  • Associate’s Degree: General Science
  • Senior year of Bachelors in Kinesiology
  • Exercise Science at California State University Sacramento.

Why Fitsom?

Fitsom is changing the game with their approach to health and fitness. I did not like working at other gyms where you were a good trainer if you sold a lot of training packages. Here the goal is to educate and give the tools to each client so that they can treat and better themselves away from fitsom. The purpose here is to educate and I love that about fitsom.

Favorite Exercise

Rows! I like the feeling of being sore after doing rows. The soreness in my back helps remind me to keep everything tight and pulled back, which helps with my posture and prevents me from slouching.

Biggest Physical Accomplishment

Competing in a muay Thai smoker! For a while, I was training MMA and I competed in a couple smokers for muay Thai, which is pretty much an exhibition match. It’s such an adrenaline rush and the ultimate way to challenge yourself!

Favorite Food

La taqueria tacos dorado, best tacos in the world! When you walk inside you see a sign that says the best tacos in the world, and they literally are!

Music To Move To

Country music! Or some 80’s dance music! I really enjoy reggae as well.

Do For Fun

Workout of course, explore new outdoor adventures, watch sports, Netflix and chill.

Fitness Advice

Consistency is key!

Favorite Quote

“Squats are like life, It’s about standing up when something heavy tries to keep you down”

“The best revenge is massive success”

Three Words To Describe Your Teaching Style

Qualitative, Interactive, Challenging


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