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Fitsom 6 & 12 Series

Personal Sessions:

This is not personal training in the traditional sense. Fitsom’s 6 and 12 Series is comprised of one-on-one sessions that take clients step-by-step through our unique program. This systematic approach teaches members how to care for their body long-term, which is the foundation for movement and the core component to living a long, healthy life. Having a Fitsom certified trainer dedicated solely to helping you achieve your fitness goals and lifestyle adaptations is the best way to achieve long-lasting results in efficient time. Personal sessions provide a mentor and motivator in your journey to improving your level of health.

Sessions 1-3:

  • Pictures of Posture (Assessment)
  • Introduction to self-myofascial release (SMR)
  • Identifying tension in the hips
  • Opening up the diaphragm

Sessions 4-7:

  • Upper body SMR techniques
  • Breathing mechanics
  • Nervous system training (increasing the body’s capacity to perform and handle intense exercise movements)

Sessions 8-10:

  • Working on standing posture
  • Nervous system training

Sessions 11-12:

Putting it all together. At the end of the session, a client will understand how to address the tension in their body, but more importantly, Understand how to help themselves!

Fitsom 6 & 12 Series

  • 6 Series = $420
  • 12 Series = $840

Fitsom six and twelve series sessions are an accumulation of the last five years of research. Our sessions help you understand your body on a deeper level and help you find the root of your bodies tightness and pain.

Fitsom One-On-One Services:

  • Fitsom 60 Min | $75
  • Fitsom 6 Series | $420
  • Fitsom 12 Series | $840

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