There is a plethora of contradicting and ever-changing information in the world of nutrition. Yet, what you put in your body is the most important aspect of your health. This makes it extremely important, yet confusing, for you to truly take your health into your own hands. Our nutritionist, Natalie Wallace, is here to clear up your questions, support your decisions, hold you accountable to your goals, and educate you on the importance of consuming real food. Might seem like common sense to eat real food, but if you experience anything from GI pain and anxiety to fatigue and excess weight gain, it’s likely that you’re falling short somehow. If eating well was so easy, these issues wouldn’t be as widespread as they are today. And let’s face it, it’s difficult to be happy when you feel like crap! 

We know that changes don’t occur in one 60 minute session, so we offer 6 and 12 series packages. Your first session is a full lifestyle assessment, and each session thereafter is tailored to your specific goals. Natalie looks at the whole individual, from sleep patterns and stress management to personal hobbies and favorite foods, all aspects of each client is taken into consideration when setting goals and assigning skill building activities. 


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