• Certified Massage Therapist by California Massage Therapy Council
  • Level 1 Sports Performance Coach by USA Weightlifting

Fitness Background

Bachelor of arts in exercise and sports science from the university of San Francisco. I have been playing soccer since I could walk. I played competitively at the collegiate level at the university of San Francisco. I still play it for fun with friends. After college I became a trainer at a fitness gym in napa, ca. I was there for 3 years until I moved to Sacramento and came to fitsom.

Why Fitsom?

Fitsom seems to me like a wellness program instead of the gym. It enables each individual to take control of their own bodies. The different classes bring body awareness and help each person maintain a healthy physical state. The amount of time and effort fitsom dedicated to strengthening the mind-body connection is amazing and profound in the fitness community.

Favorite Exercise?

Squats. I played soccer growing up so I’ve always had strong legs. I love squats because they strengthen your whole body and they are challenging.

Biggest Physical Accomplishment

Running 2 miles in 11 minutes and 10 seconds. It was a test in college we had to pass during preseason in under 12 minutes. I was able to beat it by 50 seconds.

Favorite Food

Burritos. You can never go wrong with a burrito. Make sure there is guacamole in it.

Do For Fun

Play soccer, go rock climbing, read a book or watch a good movie

Fitness Advice

Fitness is a lifestyle and a lifelong process. Always strive to learn and apply new information and never stay complacent.

Favorite Quote

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are correct”

– Unknown

Three Words To Describe Your Teaching Style

Patient, Supportive, Welcoming


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