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Absolutely not. Fitsom encourages people of all fitness levels and experience to join our personal and group classes. We really focus on developing a strong foundation with proper form and movements. One of the advantages of joining Fitsom is that we cater to your needs as well as offer modifications (or scale) to every exercise given. This way you will be able to participate in all exercises while working your way up to more advanced ones. The only thing we require is a positive attitude and your best effort.

Our group classes are generally smaller compared to other gyms, which allows our trainers to give more personalized attention to all of our clients. Since our focus is really on proper form and movements, it is important that classes are not overcrowded so our trainers can keep a close eye on everyone. You can expect six to twelve people every class, depending on the day and time. Small group training guarantees sufficient the one-on-one attention of a personal trainer at a group class price.

Although we started in that direction back in 2011, we realized that the Crossfit mentality was doing more harm to the body than good. CrossFit has a high injury rate and in our opinion does not have a comprehensive outlook on health. There are definitely going to be similarities, in terms of the tools and principles with Crossfit, but we focus more on mobility, body awareness and injury prevention. This doesn’t mean our workouts aren’t challenging or effective, but we want to take a more thorough, personalized approach to help people reach their fitness goals. We just feel Crossfit is not an effective way to reach long term health and fitness for our clients.

Here’s a video of the owner Marco explain how we are not Crossfit.

On your first visit, you can expect to meet the trainers and take a tour of our studio. Then, we will assess your posture and your body’s functionality. It is imperative that you tell us about any previous injuries and if you have any current aches and pains. Before starting any classes or programs, it is important that misalignment issues are addressed first in order to build a strong foundation and prevent any further problems.

Additionally, you will be introduced to Self-Myofascial Release (SMR), which helps release muscle tightness and will improve your overall posture. At the end of your first visit, you will be assigned some homework (SMR) involving rolling out and body rehabilitation.

SMR is an acronym for Self Myofascial Release. It can be thought of as a self massage technique with the use of tools. The main difference is, with these techniques, you learn how to release your own tension, increase range of motion, correct posture, and above all learn to be in control of your own pain. The trainers here at Fitsom are all experts in SMR, and will be there to guide you towards a more effective release that targets your unique pain/tension, giving you the tools needed to live pain free and achieve your fitness goals.

We offer a free SMR class every Tuesday at 6:30pm and Sunday at 10am. The class is open to anyone so feel free to stop by and bring a friend!

Generally, we recommend that you come to 3 – 5 classes per week. Initially, it’s possible that a few of your first classes will be spent rolling out and working on body rehabilitation, depending on where you are on the fitness spectrum. It is crucial that you attend at least 3 classes a week for optimum results.

Rolling out (or Foam Rolling as it is commonly known called) is how we describe the act of doing Self Myofascial Release. You can click the link to learn more about it. The short version is this:

Blood is life. Generating new cells and getting rid of free radicals and other harmful toxins is the name of the game. Increasing your blood circulation, even at the capillary level, is only one of the benefits of SMR.

Want more information on blood circulation?

Yes, you will more than likely be sore after your first visit. Unlocking the joints and lengthening out your muscles will induce some soreness. However, as long as you’re rolling out and coming into class consistently, you will notice the results you came in for. At Fitsom we say, “Attack the pain!”

Z-Health is a brain-based training system, backed by neuroscience, that uses the nervous system for pain relief, injury prevention and athletic performance. In addition to rolling out, this is something we incorporate in all of our classes to help loosen up the body and increase mobility before the workouts.

To learn more about Z-Health, visit http://zhealtheducation.com.

Here’s a short introductory video to Z-Health:

Yes, are open the other hours up until 9pm from Monday through Thursday. Fridays we are open until 7pm on Friday. Saturdays we are open until 3pm. So you can catch us anytime from the beginning of morning classes, in between classes and up until the times mentioned earlier.

Our class times are:
M/W: 5:30am, 6:30am, 9:30am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm
T/Th: 5:30am, 6:30am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm
F 5:30am, 6:30am, 9:30am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm
Sat: 8:30am, 9:30am

Yes. Our Fitsom Recovery is a free class we offer twice a week for anyone to join. You don’t need to be a member so feel free to stop by. The only requirement is you will need to fill out a waiver form. In the hour long class, we teach you how to use Self Myofascial Release.

This free class is available every Sunday at 10am.

We are more than a gym. We take a more holistic approach to fitness. You can say we are a combination of fitness and wellness. We believe that achieving a Fit State of Mind (“FITSOM”) will help you meet your goals both inside and outside the gym. We don’t just beat you into the ground, but rather take the time to teach you how to properly perform each exercise as well as how to heal and improve body mobility. Our methods are more creative and enjoyable than any other gym in Sacramento and our trainers are excellent at what they do. We are confident in our personal trainers and methods that we can say without hesitation that we will help you achieve your goals.

The best way is to fill out our web form. Once we receive your info, we will call you to setup an assessment. You can also stop by or call us.

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