Fitness Background

  • In Progress: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology- Exercise Science
  • Exercise Science, California State University Sacramento, Sacramento

Why Fitsom?

I first heard about fitsom when looking for an internship during my first semester at sac state. Fitsom stood out to me because there is a big focus on “Self – Love and self-care.” when exploring the website I saw there are group classes, massages (focused on posture), SMR (Self-myofascial release) and z-health!

Favorite Exercise

One leg hip hinges and planks because I can feel my glutes activate. I never knew how to do a plank until I joined fitsom!

Biggest Physical Accomplishment

I had surgery on my ACL and meniscus and once I got over the mental and physical hump, I started to play soccer then I started to do pole dancing. They were both a mental and physical accomplishment.

Favorite Food

Fries and Thai tea with aloe, bacon wrapped chicken hmmm good, I can’t forget about my grandma’s gumbo and stuffing.

Music To Move Too


Do For Fun

Pole dancing when I can go out dancing, go-kart racing, batting cages, poetry slams, open mic nights, live music, and go on random adventures with loved ones!

Fitness Advice

Never say you can’t do something because of a past injury. Stay motivated and dedicated to your goal.

Favorite Quote

“You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you are in.”

– Dr. Seuss

Three Words To Describe Your Teaching Style

Engaging, Supportive, Lead by Example

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